07 - AGRO

The ELA 07-AGRO has been designed for professional use as an aerial crop duster. It can apply liquids at low and ultra-low volume. In addition, since it has the inherent maneuverability of the rest of the 07 series of gyroplanes, the 07-AGRO is well suited as a two-seater trainer. The fumigation boom
has an 8.25 meter (27ft) wingspan, resulting in a swath width of 10 meters
(33 ft) plus overlap. The boom can be easily and rapidly folded, allowing
for the gyroplane to fit into minimal hangar space. It can also be flown
with the boom in its folded position, greatly reducing drag.
The gyroplane comes equipped with a GPS to fly fumigation-specific
tracks and a 120 liters (31 gal) capacity tank for spraying product.

Technical data

07 - Agro

* Parameters determined during the flight test campaign in ISA conditions (15ºC and sea level). ADVANTAGES OF THE ELA-07 AGRO Electrical fumigation system, allowing calibration without engine power. “Chirurgical” cut at the end of a run (there is no wake). The gyroplane does not produce vortices nor distortions. Electric driven diaphragm pumps with a nominal pressure of 60 psi (4 bar). Pressure regulator valve controlled by the pilot. Swath width of 10 metres (33 ft) plus overlap.


The entire 07 line has the most advanced passive safety systems, such as: High-absorption main landing gear, rotor brake, wheel brake with parking function and four-point belt in both seats as an option. The adjustment of the fumigation pumps can be, and must be, performed with the engine stopped. This provides quietness in the fumigation system adjustment operations with maximum safety.


Being an agricultural work gyroplane does not mean that we are resigned to having an unattractive aircraft! It shares the elegant silhouette of its sports family 07. The main landing gear can be equipped with extra large wheels to operate easily on the narrowest and roughest ground.


The internal finishings of the 07-Agro have the same quality as the ones from a sports gyroplane. Choose among different upholstery options to match your needs. The instruments are customizable, having the possibility to install several options such as the fuel admission pressure indicator, exhaust temperature, among many other options. The satellite guidance system is an essential tool for the perfect application of the agricultural products. This complex system is included as standard in the extensive instrument panel. The spacious cockpit has comfortable seats for both pilot and co-pilot. In the rear tandem seat is where the 120-liter capacity fumigation tank is located. Upholstery is fully customizable, in texture, color and resistance.


Structure and fumigation boom manufactured in TIG-welded stainless steel, ensuring a long life cycle given that they show no corrosion, even in the most unfavorable conditions. The fairing, wheel assembly, empennage and seats are manufactured in epoxy resin reinforced with carbon fiber, which ensures superior rigidity and reduced weights. The rugged rotor system is manufactured in duraluminum. Thanks to a precise and careful design, it passes all destructive trials with the highest marks.


– Stainless steel frame. – Carbon fiber fairings and tailplane. – Rotax 914 UL Turbo (115 hp) engine. – Rotor Alu/Comp diameter of 8.5 m (28ft). – DUC Windspoon three-bladed Carbon fiber propeller. – Powerful automatic pre-rotator. – Electro-Pneumatic trim/rotor brake. – Mechanical Roll trim. – Hydraulic disc brakes with parking system. – 75 l (20 gal) fuel tank with level gauge. – High quality upholstered seats. – Four points harness in front seat. – Landing light. – 5v-2A USB or 12v-10A power socket in instrument panel. – Oil thermostat. – 120 l (31 gal) product tank – Spraying system with booms of 8.25 m (27ft) booms.


– Digital airspeed indicator. – Digital Altimeter / Vertical Speed ind. – Digital compass. – Trim pressure indicator. – Rotor tachometer. – Engine tachometer. – Cylinder head temperature indicator (CHT). – Oil pressure indicator. – Oil temperatura indicator. – Fuel pressure indicator. – Fuel level indicator. – Hour counter. – Pressure gauge for the spraying system. – GPS EZ Guide 250.