09 - Junior

Without filters. Which means that nothing gets in the way between you and the world. Every one of the outer details gets you closer to the authentic flight experience. Renouncing to all that is superfluous. With clearly defined forms that obey above all to functionality. The result: a design perfected by the multiple challenges in the past, and with the relentless effort of our designers and bodywork masters. No heating. No excess of instruments.
No distractions. Should you miss something? Absolutely not. Every pound that we eliminated from the 09-Junior impacts its performance.
Ultra-short take-offs, wide speed range, from 35 km/h (21.74 mph) to
120 km/h (74.5 mph) of continuous cruise and with a maximum speed
of 150 km/h (93.2 mph).

Technical data

09 - junior

* Parameters determined during the flight test campaign in ISA conditions (15ºC and sea level).


It is the first of a new era of ELA Aviación. The new 09-Junior indicates from the beginning that it is an elite sports plane. The uncovered engine leaves no doubt that it ensures an exceptional cooling capacity. Its notable empennage combines the light architecture with an original design and a control authority that will allow slips and spirals never seen before. The upward instrument panel leaves a short distance between the control stick and the panel. All information is at your fingertips with instruments providing all the information you need and nothing else. The rest of the instruments are your five senses in the air. The structure of the enveloping sporty seats ensures an optimum fastening. They are made out of epoxy resin reinforced with fiberglass, which translates to great resistance and lightness. All together, the inside is convincing due to its well-defined design lines. The instrument panel is enamelled in anti-glare black color. Upholstery is reduced to its minimum expression, each ounce counts.


The Junior has the most advanced passive safety systems, such as: High-absorption main landing gear, rotor brake, wheel brake with parking function and four-point belt in both seats as an option. Structure manufactured in TIG-welded stainless steel, ensuring a long life cycle given that they show no corrosion, even in the most unfavorable conditions. The rugged rotor system is manufactured in duraluminum. Thanks to a precise and careful design, it passes all destructive trials with the highest marks.


Our design team and craftsmen have combined to give you the finishing details equal those of a top gyroplane. You may choose from many options of upholstery and colors to customize to your desires and make it your own. But if there is something that is really impressive it is the spacious cockpit with comfortable enveloping seats for both pilot and co-pilot.


Ultra-short take-offs, wide speed range, from 35 km/h (21.74 mph) to 120 km/h (74.5 mph) of continuous cruise and with a maximum speed of 150 km/h (93.2 mph). Its 45-liter fuel tank will allow you to enjoy 2.5 hours of flight.


– Stainless steel airframe. – Rotax 912 ULS engine of 100 hp. – Alu/Comp 8’25m (27ft) rotor. – DUC Windspoon three-bladed carbon fiber propeller. – Powerful pre-rotator. – Electro-pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake. – Mechanical roll trim. – Hydraulic disc brakes with parking system. – 45 liters (12 gal) fuel tank. – Oil thermostat – Stainless steel exhaust system. – Slipping clutch in engine gear-box.


– Digital airspeed. – Digital altimeter and vertical speed ind. – Digital compass. – Trim pressure ind. – Rotor tachometer. – Engine tachometer. – Oil temp ind. – Cylinder head temp ind. – Oil pressure ind. – Hour counter.