The 10-Eclipse is a two seat gyroplane in tandem configuration with an enclosed cockpit. The canopy is removable and easily replaced with a front windscreen, making this a convertible to be flown topless for an alternative flying experience. The 10-Eclipse is the our most capable gyroplane,
with an endurance of 6 flight hours and a luggage capacity of 65 liters
(17 gallons). Designed for traveling, its high performance and
sophisticated interior finish will make your flying dreams come true.

Technical data


* Max. take-off weight limited in European Type Certificates to 450 kg (990 lb). * Parameters determined during the flight test campaign in ISA conditions (15ºC and sea level).


The entire 07 line has the most advanced passive safety systems, such as: High-absorption main landing gear, rotor brake, wheel brake with parking function and four-point belt in both seats as an option. The adjustment of the fumigation pumps can be, and must be, performed with the engine stopped. This provides quietness in the fumigation system adjustment operations with maximum safety.


2In aviation, safety comes first and ELA Aviación is very aware of this, therefore we have designed the 10-Eclipse so that pre-flight tasks can be performed in the most efficient and simple way possible. Air inlets that ensure engine cooling are easily removable, thus leaving the engine partially uncovered providing an easy access to perform inspections. The cockpit of the 10-Eclipse is formed by a carbon fiber and epoxy resin monohull, as is the empennage. When manufacturing these crucial pieces, the most state-of-the-art composite stratification techniques are used. After fabrication, pieces are baked in a post-cure room that reaches a temperature of 100ºC (212ºF), which confers an enormous mechanical resistance. The metal frame of the gyroplane, formed by the mast, engine mount and tail boom is manufactured and TIG-welded with aviation-quality steel AISI 4130. The pre-rotator, both powerful and automatic, is also “incident proof”, because it has been designed in such a way as to prevent accidental activation during flight. The landing gear is also one of the elements that has been carefully studied with the purpose of ensuring safety. Its broad battle, wheelbase and flexibility, ensure high stability when landing and taxing. The 10-Eclipse is equipped with large passive safety systems, such as internal and independent fuel tank, four-point security belts in both seats, wheel brake with parking function, a large canopy made out of aviation Plexiglas, and a lot more…


The ELA 10-Exlipse is a cross-country gyroplane, in which the aerodynamic performance of the assembly has been carefully taken into consideration to ensure a high-speed cruise with a minimal fuel consumption. Its spectacular performance results from its low aerodynamic resistance, since all elements have been shrouded to achieve cruise speeds from 90 km/h (55.9 mph) to an incredible 170 km/h (105.6 mph) of continuous cruise and a maximum never exceed speed (VNE) of 190 km/h (118 mph). Its 87-litre (22.9 gal) fuel tank offers us an endurance of up to 6 hours, with a range of more than 600 km (372.8 mi). No other gyroplane will take you so far!


– Aeronautical AISI 4130 airframe. – Carbon fiber cockpit, tailplane and fairings. – Rotax 912 ULS engine of 100 hp. – Alu/Comp, 8’5m (28ft) rotor. – Helix H-50 three-bladed carbon fiber propeller with spinner. – Windscreen for summer flying. – Powerful automatic pre-rotator. – Electro-pneumatic pitch trim and rotor brake. – Mechanical roll trim. – Hydraulic disc brakes with parking system. – 87 liters (23 gal) fuel tank. – Four-point harnesses. – High quality upholstered seats in beige or red. – High quality marbled interior in beige/white or black/red. – Wide range of metallic, plain or matte colors available. – Powerful cabin heating. – LED landing lights. – Strobe light in mast. – 5v-2A USB or 12v-10A power socket in instrument panel. – Oil thermostat. – Twin muffler system. – Slipping clutch in engine gear-box.


The ELA 10-Eclipse is equipped with three luggage compartments. Series complete panel of instruments. Engine air inlets which are easily opened to perform pre-flight inspections. Engine cooling system designed to operate in the most adverse climates. Empennage functional design that ensures an unprecedented stability and high speed in an enclosed cockpit gyroplane. Strong hydraulic wheel brakes. Pneumatic trim/rotor brake system, designed by ELA Aviación 20 years ago and imitated by most other manufacturers. Powerful automatic pre-rotator (300 rpm).


– Digital airspeed ind. – Digital altimeter and vertical speed ind. – Digital compass. – Trim pressure ind. – “Kanardia EMSIS” multifunction digital instrument to control the engine parameters. – Radio VHF TQ AVIONIK KRT2-S with pre-installed jack for music